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Advanced Medicinal Chemistry (AMC)


Advanced Medicinal Chemistry
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Core course in MSc Chemistry – Chemical Biology, elective course MSc Chemistry, MSc Life Science and Technology

Advanced Medicinal Chemistry 2016-2017

The course introduces the students to the theory and methods of medicinal chemistry and its role in drug discovery.
The aims are:

  • to raise students’ interest & enthusiasm for the field of medicinal chemistry & drug discovery.

  • to give an introduction of the most important concepts and methods used in rational drug design and their application in drug discovery in relation to (molecular) pharmacology, toxicology and structural biology.

  • to give the student sufficient background to interpret structure-activity relationships and fundamental principles governing the molecular interactions of a drug with its target.

  • to introduce the latest developments and insights in the field of medicinal chemistry & drug discovery.

  • to allow students to solve problems that are rooted the biological domain with chemical tools, which are found and optimized through a medicinal chemistry approach.


Basic Principles of Drug Discovery and Development, Benjamin E. Blass ISBN 978-0-12-411508-8, 1st print.

Assessment method

Written exam

Expected Background

Basic knowledge of protein structure and organic chemistry at the level of Molecular Chemistry/Synthetic Organic Chemistry.


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