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Global Regulatory Networks in Bacteria (GRNB)



MSc students from Biology, LST, Chemistry

Contact information

Coordinator: prof. Dr. G.P. van Wezel


Series of lectures, selection of research papers on related topics and workshops will be given on understanding how global regulatory networks govern gene expression in bacteria, with a comparison to (lower) eukaryotes. We will look at how environmental signals (e.g. nutrients, stress) are translated to switch sets of genes on and off, and how this affects metabolism, competence, development and antibiotic production. Furthermore protein secretion will be discussed. Focus is on E. coli, Bacillus, Streptomyces and fungi. This course includes workshops on the use of databases and regulon prediction programs and writing of a research proposal.

Learning goals

Course objectives:
Provide an up-to-date overview of the latest results published on the topics discussed during the lectures. Students will learn to use this knowledge in answering typical research questions and to apply their knowhow in writing a concise research proposal.

Final qualifications:
An Msc student who has the capability to apply the acquired knowledge in answering research driven questions and in writing a grant proposal.


From 6 February – 14 April 2017. The detailed timetable will be available on Blackboard.

Mode of instruction

Lectures and workshops

Assessment method

Written exam based on the lectures and a selection of review papers on topics discussed during the lectures. Students write a research proposal based on literature study and information obtained from research groups that participate in GRNB.


Blackboard will be used for communication.

Reading list



In Usis and enroll in Blackboard

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