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Cognition, or how the Brain Works


This course is an Honours Class and therefore only available for students of an honours college.

Enrolling in this course is possible until the 15th of November, using the link at ‘registration’ during this period.


The aim of this Honours Class is to provide a comprehensive view on how the brain functions. The invited faculty consists of renowned experts in the field of cognitive neurosciences. The topics that will be discussed range from the definition of cognition, through the coming into being of cognition at the beginning and its decline at the end of the life cycle. Aspects of cognition to be discussed comprise language, consciousness, sleep and dreaming, effects of stress, cognitive enhancement, cognition and economics, and brain-computer interfaces. This Honours Class is supported by the Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition (LIBC) and several leaders of this institute will be involved in its programming.


  1. Introduction session

  2. What is cognition?
    Prof. dr. Bas Haring

  3. Cognition: a matter of networks
    Prof. dr. Serge Rombouts

  4. Developing cognition in puberty
    Prof. dr. Eveline Crone

  5. Language development in children
    Prof. dr. Claartje Levelt

  6. Neuroeconomics
    Prof. dr. Victor Lamme

  7. The stressed brain: on resilience and vulnerability
    Prof. dr. Nic van der Wee

  8. Brain-computer interfaces
    Prof. dr. Nick Ramsey

  9. The magic of putting theory into practice
    Drs. E. Wismeijer

  10. Final Debate


Wednesday 13 January, 3, 17 February, 2, 9, 16 March, 13, 20 April, 11, 25 May; 17:30 – 21:00 hrs.


Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), room H1-14/18

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Enrolling in this course is possible until 15 November via this link .


Prof. dr. Peter van den Elsen