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Thesis Lab



In the thesis laboratory, students learn to prepare a thesis proposal and to provide constructive feedback on proposals worked on by their fellow students. Specific attention is devoted to aspects such as research design, topic relevance, theoretical framework, methodology, data collection, ways of analysis and the evaluation of results. Once a draft proposal is ready, it is presented and obtains feedback by peers and by the course instructor. A satisfactory thesis research proposal is expected from all students as the final result of the course.

Course objectives

This course helps students write a thesis proposal. In a step-by-step fashion, they learn to formulate a relevant research question, to develop an adequate research design for their thesis work and to pay particular attention to aspects such as theoretical framework, literature review, methodology, data collection and analysis.



Mode of instruction

Short lectures; individual meetings; resentation of (draft) thesis proposals in class, followed by discussion.

Course Load

5 EC

Assessment method

Short assignments (30% total),
Draft thesis proposal (40%),
Presentation of the thesis proposal in class (10%),
Evaluation of a peer’s thesis proposal (10%),
Class participation (10%).


Relevant information and draft thesis proposals will be made available on the Blackboard course site.

Reading list

Readings on research design; earlier thesis proposals; peer’s draft thesis proposals.