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Research Schools Courses (ResMA History)


Research School Courses

The national Research Schools (Landelijke Onderzoeksscholen) offer courses on both methodology and area specific knowledge. Many researchers in the Faculty of Humanities are members of a research school related to their area of expertise. Research Schools aim at collaboration of researchers from different faculties in the same university (interfaculty schools) or in different universities (interuniversity schools).

The Research School courses provide PhD and research master students with the opportunity to come into contact with fellow PhD and research master students from other universities.

Within the Research MA History, students are required to take courses at the Research School that is most relevant for their possible area of (thesis) research. Please note that the courses offered by the Research Schools differ in length and intensity and consequently in the amount of EC that are granted. Students are required to compose their own individual programme, amounting to at least 10 EC.

Courses may be taken at more than one Research School, provided that the courses are relevant within the individual programme. The relevancy of courses will be assessed by the Coordinator of Studies, Esther Buizer (see below).

The procedure is as follows:

  • Students choose a Research School, from the list of Research Schools below;

  • Students inform Esther Buizer which Research School they have chosen and for which courses they would like to enroll. The choice of courses will be assessed by miss Buizer;

  • After the approval of the individual programme , students register for the courses through the Research School website;

  • Students contact Esther Buizer to get the credits registered in uSis when the course(s) is/are finished.

List of Research Schools

Below the most relevant Research Schools per specialisation are listed.

Ancient History

Europe 1000-1800
Research School Medieval Studies
Huizinga Institute

Cities, Migration and Global Interdependence
N.W. Posthumus Institute

Colonial and Global History
N.W. Posthumus Institute
Huizinga Institute
Research School for Political History

Political Culture and National Identities
Huizinga Institute
Research School for Political History

Please note that other Research Schools besides those listed within the specialization may offer relevant courses.
Students who are interested in an interdisciplinary approach may find a relevant course at the other National Research Schools for Humanities