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Portugees Module 2


Admission requirements

Portuguese Module 1 or equivalent (contact tutor for guidance).


This course builds on the communication skills developed in Portuguese Module 1, developing further the ability of expressing past events, experiences, wishes etc. Moreover, whilst developing language skills, the course aims at familiarizing students further with elements of Brazilian culture through the use of authentic materials.

Course objectives

This basic user course covers the four key skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. By the end of the course, students will be familiar with elementary language structures and a selection of practical vocabulary clusters.
European Framework for Languages:
Listening A2+
Reading A2+
Spoken Interaction A2+
Spoken Production A2+
Writing A2+



Mode of instruction


Course Load

Total Hours for the Course: 140

  • Seminar attendance: 42 hours (6 hours per week x 7 weeks)

  • Assignments and preparation: 42 hours (6 hours per week x 7 weeks)

  • Tests and Test Preparation: 28 hours

  • Composition: 28 hours

Assessment method

Written assessments:
Written Exam 1 (Mid-term) (20%) (1-2 hours)
Written Exam 2 (Final) (30%) (1-2 hours)
Composition (20%) (1-2 hours)
Assignments (10%)

Oral assessments:
Oral Exam (Final) (20%) (7-15 minutes)

Written exams include linguistic exercises (e.g., fill-the-gap, short answer, etc.), written comprehension, listening comprehension, and short essay.
Oral assessment consists of a question/answer session.

Re-sit: For relevant component



Reading list

Emma Eberlein, Novo Avenida Brasil 2 (São Paulo: EPU).
Isabel Coimbra and Olga M. Coimbra, Gramática Ativa 1. (Versão brasileira – Lamartine Bião Oberg) (Porto: Lidel).



Registration Studeren à la carte and Contractonderwijs

Not applicable

Contact information

Gabriel Veppo de Lima


Minimum 70% attendance required. When failing to attend the minimum required, students must complete an extra assignment in order to sit for final exams.