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Modern Research in Physics


Admission Requirements



This course provides an introduction to some of the research topics that are currently investigated at LION as well as with the basic academic skills of modern research in physics. Students will be provided with a bird’s-eye view of the challenges the physics community is currently facing and will discover how to learn modern physics by reading scientific articles.
• Chaos and fractals
• Cell mechanics
• Material physics and nanotechnologies

Course objectives

This course aims
-to give an introduction into current research topics at LION
-to equip the participants with the basic skills of modern research in physics
-to give insight into the work of a researcher in physics



Mode of instruction

Lecturers and tutorials

Assessment method

Pass/Fail based on participation (oral and written reports) in the tutorial classes


Course information will be posted on blackboard.
To have access to Blackboard you need a ULCN-account.Blackboard UL

Reading list

Scientific papers will be posted on blackboard during the course.


Contactgegevens Docent:Dr. L.Giomi (Luca)
Contactgegevens Docent:Dr. M.Allan (Mila)