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Chinese Linguistics: The Basics


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Taking a broad view, we look at Chinese languages from different angles in historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, grammar studies, dialectology, etc. These perspectives are combined with a (re-)introduction of classical themes, basic units and key notions in Chinese and general linguistics.

Course objectives

To provide students with a broad understanding of current issues in Chinese linguistics; to develop their research skills and the ability to report on their findings, both in writing and orally, for general as well as scholarly audiences.


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Mode of instruction

Reading course, discussion seminar and topicalized lectures

Course Load

Total 280 hours (10 EC x 28 hours) – Contact hours: 24 – Preparation for class: 120 hours – Oral presentation: 12 hours – Written assignments: 24 hours – Term paper: 100 hours

Assessment method

  • In-class participation & contributions (15%)

  • Oral presentation (15%)

  • Three written assignments (30%)

  • Term paper (40%)

  • Term paper grade must be minimally 5 to pass the course


will be used as the need arises. See blackboard

Reading list

Jerry Norman, Chinese. Cambridge University Press. First published 1988; any subsequent printing is fine.


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