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Laboratory Animal Science

  • This course will be taught 4 times a year (2 times in Dutch, 2 times in English)

  • For details of the course schedule see Laboratory Animal Science

  • Per course there are 3 places available for Biology master students

Admission requirements

You must be a master student with knowledge of the basic subjects of biology up to 18 ECTS (=500 study hours) including at least 8 ECTS on anatomy/zoology and 8 ECTS on physiology.


  1. A clear motivation why you want to follow this course:
    a. Is the article 9 certificate essential for your research project (in this case also send a copy of your research project contract with the project description and contact details of your supervisors)
    b. Is this course important for your future carrier
  2. With which courses you meet the requirement of 18 EC of biological basic knowledge.


Students must pay the costs for this course themselves

For more information please see Laboratory Animal Science for more information.