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Korean 1


Admission requirements

For Students of the MA Asian Studies specialisations with no advanced language requirements, only optional language electives. This is an elective and no previous knowledge of Korean is required. ### Description

For this beginning Korean language course, MA students will join language courses desiged for BA1 Korean studies. This course is composed of “Integrated Korean 1a: Basics” (5EC) and “Integrated Korean 1a: Intensive Reading” (5EC).
In Basics (2 hrs/week), students are first introduced to the Korean alphabet (Han’gŭl) and their pronunciation. After that, the course focuses on the acquisition of basic grammar, vocabulary, and expressions.
Intensive Reading includes Grammar (Lecture, 1hr/week) and Reading (Seminar, 2hrs/week). Students learn the linguistic characteristics of the Korean language in Grammar class – syntax, grammatical components such as particles, and essential grammatical terms such as politeness. The Reading class focuses on the development of reading, writing, and translation skills.
Although Speaking and Listening course is not mandatory for MA students and thus carries no EC toward the degree, it is highly recommended to join this course for more balanced development of the the language skills.

Course objectives

The students will be able to – Master the Korean alphabet. – Gain fundamental understanding of the linguistic characteristics of Korean. – Acquire basic knowledge of Korean grammar and vocabulary. – Recognize (both by listening and reading) and analyze simple Korean phrases, with or without conjunction. – Translate simple Dutch/English sentences to and from Korean. – Express themselves in Korean by speaking and writing on their own living and study environment or on very familiar topics. – In temrs of the Common European Framework: A1 level, breakthrough stage of basic user.


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Mode of instruction

Basics: Seminar
Grammar: Lecture
Reading: Seminar

Course Load

Basics – Total Workload: 140 hours – Contact Hours (2h/week for 13 weeks): 26 h – Preparation for Lessons (3h/week for 13 weeks) = 39 h – Preparation for Quizzes: 22 h – Preparation for Final Written Exams: 40 h

Intensive Reading (including Grammar) – Total Workload: 140 hours – Contact Hours (3h/week for 13 weeks) = 39 h – Preparation for lessons and homework (4h/week for 13 weeks) = 52 h – Preparation for Final Exam = 49 h

Assessment method

Final grade will be calculated by averaging the grades from Basics and Intensive Reading. Students must pass each course (Basics, Grammar, and Reading seperately), unless they have to take a re-sit examination for the failed portion.

Basics – Attendance and active participation (10%) – 3 quizzes during the semester (30%) – Final written test (60%)

Intensive Reading (including Grammar): The ratio between Grammar and Reading is 3:7.

Grammar – Attendance and active participation (10%) – Quizzes during the semester (40%) – Final written test (50%)

Reading – Attendance and active participation (10%) – Assignments (40%) – Final oral test “Fluent Reading outloud” (10%) – Final written test (40%)



Reading list

Y.M. Cho, H.S. Lee. e.a.: Integrated Korean Textbook, Beginning 1. Second edition, University of Hawai’i Press, 2010. M.J. Park; J.W. Suh, e.a.: Integrated Korean Workbook, Beginning 1. Second edition, University of Hawai’i Press, 2010.


Enroll via uSis


Mw. A. R. Nam: Arsenaal 0.17 mail to:
Dr. J.H. Park : Arsenaal 1.27 mail to:
Drs. J.W.A. De Wit. mail to:


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