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High-energy astrophysics



High-energy processes are ubiquitous in the Universe. X-rays are emitted or absorbed by a broad range of sources ranging from the solar system, stars, the interstellar medium, compact black hole environments, active galactic nuclei to clusters of galaxies and the diffuse gas of the cosmic web. Two topics form the core of this course. The production mechanisms of thermal X-ray emission in a broad range of environments is treated, from collision-dominated plasmas to photo-ionized gas. The second topic is centered on accretion processes onto compact black holes. Accretion disks around supermassive black holes and the X-ray radiation in that environment are the central themes.

Programme form:

Lectures and an obligatory computer class.


Lecture notes will appear online at the homepage of the lecturer


See “the Master schedule”:
The computer class is on Tuesday and the Lectures are on Thursday, but note the exception during the first week.


Written exam on the lectures and report on the final computer exercise


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More information:

Lecturer: Prof.dr. J.S. Kaastra
Assistants: Francois Mernier and Laura di Gesu