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Physics of Scientific Space Instruments



The course will address the underlying physical principles and their relation to performance of current and future scientific instruments used in earth observation, astronomy and fundamental physics in space.
The following subjects are addressed: Remote sensing and in-situ instrumentation, high-energy optics and detectors, space interferometry, gravitational wave detection in space, space instrument design, mission design and programmatics.

Programme form

Instructor lectures, Invited lectures, Literature study and presentation, Class research project, Individual research project and Individual presentation.


Kitchin, ‘Astrophysical Techniques’, 6th ed., Taylor & Francis, Oxon UK (2008), ISBN 978-1466511156 (5th edition can also be used)


Physics Schedule

Form of examination

Research paper and presentation.


Bachelor courses Optica (Optics), Fysica van de Vaste Stof (Solid state physics), Atoom- en Molecuulfysics (Atomic physics Programme).

More information

Lecturer: Prof.dr. M.W. Beijersbergen

More information can be found on Blackboard.