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Black Holes and Gravitational Waves


Course Description
Although gravity is very weak compared to other fundamental interactions, in extreme cases it can become the dominant force in physical processes. In the course `Black holes and gravitational waves’ such processes are addressed, and their mathematical description in the context of General Relativity is studied.

Programme form
The course consists of lectures and take-home exercises.

J.B. Hartle
Gravity (Addison-Wesley, 2003), ISBN 0-8053-8662-9
S. Carroll
Spacetime and Geometry (Addison-Wesley, 2003) ISBN 0-8053-8732-3

Form of Examination
Grading will be based on participation in the class room and written tests.

Basic knowledge of General Relativity:
differential geometry, covariant tensor formalism, Einstein equations.

Physics Schedule

More Information
Contact details lecturer: Prof.dr. J.W. van Holten (Jan Willem)