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Statistical genetics


Admission Requirements


Course Description

Statistical genetics is an important topic within the Life and Behavioral Sciences. The structure within families (pedigrees) and the dependency structure between genetic markers at the genome require specific statistical tools and software packages for analysis of the data. The topics addressed during this course will be: estimation of heritability, detecting new genetic factors using genome wide linkage and association studies, analysis of genotype by environment interactions, next generation sequencing data, and important data bases such as Hapmap. Several software packages will be introduced. Data sets from human genetics and from animal and plant breeding will be analyzed.

Course objectives

Obtain knowledge on statistical genetics and obtain the skills to analyze data from human/animal and plant genetics.

Mode of Instruction

Lectures and practicals (partly computer practicals, partly exercises)

Time Table

For the course days, course location and class hours check the Time Table 2013-14 under the tab “Masters Programme” at

Assessment method

A minimum of five points (out of 10) has to be achieved for the exam as well as for the assignments.
Final grade depends on written exam 2/3) and three assignments (each 1/9). Assignments are completed and submitted on the same day during practical hours.

The date for the written exam is scheduled on the 14th of January 2013 from14.00 to 17.00 (room is tba), the resit is scheduled at the 14th of March from 10.00 to 13.00 (room is tba).

The written exam is closed book with own notes. One sheet of paper (two pages) may be prepared
and taken to the exam. Apart from a calculator no further material is allowed at the exam.

Reading List

  • Lecture notes and review papers

  • The Fundamentals of Modern Statistical Genetics, Laird and Lange, Springer 2011

  • Statistical genetics of quantitative traits: linkage, maps, and QTL, Wu, Ma & Casella, Springer 2007

Course Registration

Besides the registration for the (re-)exam in uSis, course registration via blackboard is compulsory.

Exchange and Study Abroad students, please see the Prospective students website for information on how to apply.

Contact information

S [dot] Boehringer [at] lumc [dot] nl


  • This is an elective course in the Master’s programme of the specialisation Statistical Science for the Life & Behavioural sciences.