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MA Thesis Latin American Studies (Research)


Admission requirements

To be a registered student of the Research Master Latin American and Caribbean Studies.


Writing of a Master thesis based on the fieldwork research made in Latin America or the Caribbean region.

Course objectives

Ability to translate a bulk of self-collected information into a logically structured academic written work. Ability to make a critical assessment of theories and scholarly interpretations in the light of the empirical evidence recollected during the own investigation.


This master thesis has to be written following the conduction of the fieldwork in Latin America or the Caribbean.

Mode of instruction

Regular meetings with supervisor to discuss progress in the writing process.

Assessment method

Writing of a thesis based on fieldwork data and literature study with a maximum of 30,000 words including notes, bibliography and appendices. The thesis must be in accordance with the faculty regulations concerning the research master’s thesis (see


Not applicable.

Reading list

Literature connected to the specific subject of the thesis’s project.


Not applicable.

Contact information

Not applicable.