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Analytic number theory (BM)


The focus of the course will be on prime number theory. We give a relatively simple proof of the Prime Number Theorem, based on complex analysis and, if time permits, a proof of the Prime Number Theorem for arithmetic progressions. We discuss the Riemann zeta function, Dirichlet characters and L-functions and maybe some other topics if time permits. More details are given on the homepage of the course, see the link below.

4 graded homework assignments and oral exam
Lecture notes will be prepared
Algebra 1,2 (groups, rings), Analysis 1,2,3,4 (convergence of series, uniform convergence, complex analysis)
Remark 1
This course is suited for a master’s thesis project in number theory.
Remark 2
This course will probably not be given in 2013/14
Remark 3
Information about the course is maintained on the Homepage Analytic Number Theory. We do not use the Blackboard-system.

Homepage Analytic Number Theory