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MA Thesis Arts and Culture


Admission requirements

See M.A. Arts and Culture program guide and Exam regulations.


The thesis poses a scholarly question within the framework of the broader academic debates of the field. In consultation with the thesis advisor, the student decides on a topic for this thesis project, as well as on central research questions and source material. The work will be completed step by step throughout the semester: outline and bibliography, a single chapter, first complete draft, and final version.
On the completion of the thesis, students present and discuss in a final exam issues involved in their research, as well as the methodology used.

Course objectives

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A number of thesis seminars will be organised for some of the specializations. Please keep checking “the Arts and Culture Website

Teaching method

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Test method

In order to graduate, students must have successfully completed the 60 ects programme and have completed their final thesis as a component of that programme. The thesis for the Arts and Culture MA programme as a rule contains a maximum of 17,000 words excluding notes, bibliography and appendices. The thesis is supervised by a lecturer attached to the Department of Art History and who possesses expertise in the relevant field. The thesis is judged by two lecturers involved in the program and a public oral examination.


Not applicable.

Required reading

In consultation with your supervisor.


Students don’t have to register via uSis, but need to fill out the MA Thesis Registration Form

Contact information

Please contact your thesis supervisor or the coordinator of studies.