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Hindi 6


Admission Requirements

Successful completion of Hindi 5 or equivalent level of one year of Hindi language training (please contact Dr. A. Avtans for an assessment if you did not take Hindi 5).


This course is in continuation to Hindi 5. It is intended for students who have acquired an intermediate level of proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing Hindi. The course takes students to a greater level of fluency in each of these key areas. Students will be introduced to a variety of contemporary literary genres including short stories, poems, newspapers, magazines etc. It will systematically develop the higher level linguistic skills with emphasis on socio-cultural conventions and practices which are vital both for internalizing language skills and for successfully participating in interpersonal communication in formal and informal styles. The class will be conducted entirely in Hindi.

Course Objectives

  • Extended advanced knowledge of the grammar of Hindi and the ability to apply this knowledge in their own oral and written language.

  • Hindi speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension skills to the advanced level.

  • Ability to comprehend literary texts in Hindi and the registers of Hindi used in news media such as newspapers, magazines, TV and Videos.

  • Ability to apply this knowledge practically in translations between English/Dutch and Hindi

  • After the end of the third year of Hindi the students will be able to approach literary texts on their own.


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Mode of Instruction

For this seminar attendance and participation is required. Classes missed for a good reason (to the discretion of the conveners and to be discussed BEFORE the class takes place) will have to be made up with an extra assignment.

Assessment Method

Assesment of Hindi 6 will consist of following components:
Attendance, Class preparation and participation – 10 % of final grade
Homework and assignments – 20 % of final grade
Projects (2 Projects) – 20 % of final grade
Quizzes (2 quizzes) – 20 % of final grade
Term End Oral Exam – 15% of final grade
Term End Written Exam – 15 % of final grade


Blackboard is the primary means of communication between the teacher and studentsoutside the formal lecture meetings. All class handouts will be available through Blackboard also.



  1. Usha Jain, Advanced Hindi Grammar, Berkley, CSAS, 2007 (Bilingual Edition)
    1. Sheela Verma, A course in Advanced Hindi, Delhi, Motilal Banarsi Das Publishers, 2007 (2nd edition)


  1. R.S. McGregor, The Oxford Hindi English Dictionary, New York, Oxford University Press, 2002
    1. Camil Bulcke, English-Hindi Dictionary, Delhi, S. Chand Publications, 1998
    2. Hardev Bahri, Rajpal Hindi Shabdakosh, Delhi, Rajpal Publications, 2011

This literature does not need to be studied beforehand.


Registration through uSis.

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Dr. A. Avtans