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Research Seminar 1


Building on the methodology course and as preparation for the M.Sc. thesis in year two, this semester ends with a research seminar. For this course students are required to plan, execute and write an individual research paper. The research paper is presented (in groups of two students with related themes) and discussed during a three-day off-site seminar which is organised as a mini scientific conference.


After completing the research seminar, students should be able to:

  • Write a clear and concise research proposal for a research project of limited complexity, with specific emphasis on the correct methodological approach;

  • Plan and execute the research proposal, securing sources, doing literature research and acquiring empirical data. Analyze and interpret the results in a scientifically valid way;

  • Report on the research, both in writing (using adequate referencing methods) and in a presentation;

  • Critically assess and comment on other people’s research projects, and be able to lead a discussion about this in an ‘academic conference’ setting.