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Research Colloquia I


The ICT in Business Research Colloquia aim to expose students to selected research areas and research approaches in computer science and management information systems.

Learning objectives are threefold. Firstly, students will be exposed to current research and research approaches and gain a better understanding of academic research in this area. Secondly, students will gain experience in analysing a complex, scientific problem and the methods to address such a problem. Thirdly, students will increase their ability to assess, translate and apply research to real-world situations in an organisational context. The main focus of the course is the research that is done at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS). However, some valuable additions to the course may come from outside the LIACS.

The course consists of four research presentations (colloquia) of approximately 2.5 hours. After each colloquia, students will be required to submit an assignment. These assignments shall be worked on in teams of two students.