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Corporate Communications


Corporate Communications is a graduate level course for the Master’s Programme ICT in Business, designed and taught by Prof. Jose M. Faustino, a professor from the Asian Institute of Management. The course will run for 6 sessions over two weeks. The course explores the areas of corporate image, organizational identity, corporate branding, employee identification and alignment, and image crisis management.


The paramount objective of the course is to learn the importance of communication by the corporation about the corporation, with predictable and unpredictable impact on both the employees and the external publics relevant to the organization. The specific objectives are:

  • To understand how Corporate Communications directly affect the profit performance of the corporation;

  • To discover how communications affect the spirit and performance of the employees both individually and as a group;

  • To study how a successful global company communicates with its employees, customers and supplier-partners as part of its renowned strategy;

  • To learn how to communicate with employees so their behavior will consistently contribute to the achievement of corporate objectives;

  • To analyze the modern tools of electronic and digital communication, how to use them to achieve communications objectives, and how to manage the pitfalls of such modern tools;

  • To study how to optimize the link between corporate branding and overall corporate reputation

  • To learn how to manage corporate crisis that is potentially harmful to the reputation of the organization.