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Databases (I&E)



Database management systems have become an indispensable tool for managing large amounts of information. Applications of DBMS range from e-commerce systems, customized business solutions to technical and scientific applications. This course gives a comprehensive introduction into the field of DBMS with a focus on database application design and implementation. Issues like data modeling and organization, relational algebra, query languages and database-backed web-applications will be addressed. In particular, the course focus on topics like:

  • Foundations

  • Entity-relationship model and relational model

  • Relational Data Model

  • Relational Algebra and Calculus

  • Query languages (SQL)

  • Application Development

  • SQL embedded in other programming languages

  • Database-backed Internet Applications

  • Multimedia Objects in Databases

  • Systems, Refinement and Optimization

  • Storage and indexing systems

  • Query optimization

  • Transaction management

  • Design phases

  • Schema refinement and normalization

  • Advanced topics and new technologies

  • Expert systems, search engines and data mining

  • New data models (XML, OOD)

  • Data-warehouses and spatial databases

The course is given in English. There will be practical assignments that allow you to develop practical skills for designing and implementing database applications.


Written, after completion of the course and the practical work.


Ragu Ramakrishnan, Johannes Gehrke: Database Management Systems, McGraw Hill, third edition, paperback version; ISBN: 0071151109; 936 blz.;