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Intervention Strategies in Clinical Neuropsychology



Neuropsychological intervention is an important aspect of the neurorehabilitation of patients with cognitive and emotional dysfunctions due to brain injury resulting from stroke, traffic accidents, genetic dysfunctions and long term occupational exposure to neurotoxic solvents. This master course provides the theoretical base of several compensation or strategy skills for problems in distinctive cognitive domains such as memory, attention and executive functioning, both in adults and children. Furthermore, so-called holistic neuropsychological rehabilitation programmes will be discussed. This implicates that also psychosocial interventions based on cognitive behavioural principles are taught. The focus lies on treatment programmes that are theoretically sound and empirically supported (evidence-based).

Course objectives

The course addresses the following content domains:

  • Introduction to neuropsychological interventions

  • Theoretical aspects of strategy and compensation training

  • Psychosocial interventions related to brain injury

  • Holistic rehabilitation programmes: Intensive Neurorehabilitation (INR)

  • Design, evaluation and implementation of (new) treatment programs


Intervention Strategies in Clinical Neuropsychology (2011-2012):

Mode of instruction

The course involves 8 lectures and a written exam.

Assessment method

Multiple choice and essay questions on various aspects of interventions.


Information on

Reading list

  • Wilson, BA., Herbert, CM, Shiel, A. (2003). Behavioural Approaches in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation: Optimising Rehabilitation Procedures. Psychology Press Hove and New York. ISBN 1841691836

  • Sohlberg, MM., Mateer, CA. (2001). Cognitive Rehabilitation, An integrative neuropsychological approach. The Guilford Press, New York. ISBN 1-57230-613-0.

  • Selection of journal articles

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