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From the Revolution of 1848 to World War I - the Era of Emperor Franz Joseph I. Texts and Contexts


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Due to eminent studies as Carl Schorske’s “Fin-de-siècle Vienna” the turn of the century with its fundamental intellectual and artistic impulses has been a widely discussed topic for many years. This lecture focuses on prior decades, beginning with the revolution of 1848 and ending with World War I. The course will provide a cultural-historical survey of the era of Emperor Franz Joseph I (1848-1916) followed by the pursuit of deeper insights in literary discourses and contexts. Contemporary authors as Franz Grillparzer, Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach and Ferdinand von Saar have reflected the political and social problems of the multi-ethnic Austro-Hungarian monarchy in their texts. Their writing is not only substantial for the period of the ‘Biedermeier’ and beyond, but also for the literary diversity of the following generation.

Course objectives

The students should gain a cultural-historical survey of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy;
they should gain deeper insights in theoretical debates and literary texts


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Mode of instruction


Assessment method

Written examination with essay questions


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Reading list

Johnston, William M.: The Austrian Mind – An Intellectual and Social History 1848 – 1938, 1971.
Kann, Robert A.: A history of the Habsburg Empire: 1526-1918, 1977.
Rossbacher, Karlheinz: Literatur und Liberalismus. Zur Kultur der Ringstraßenzeit in Wien, 1992.
Further literature will be provided


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