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Coptic Papyrology


Admission requirements


Coptic papyri (non-literary documents) are an important source for the history of late-antique and early-Islamic Egypt. During this course, the student joins in editorial work focused on the archive of Bishop Pesynthios of Koptos (died 632), and will learn to read and study original papyri from photos. The course will include a practical introduction into the editorial procedures current in Coptic papyrology.

Course objectives

Acquiring a good working knowledge of non-literary Coptic; acquiring basic skills in editing Coptic papyri in accordance with the standards current in present-day Coptic papyrology; acquiring the knowledge to situate these texts within their historical and cultural context.


Mode of instruction

Literature seminar.

Assessment method

Class paper and written paper on one or more Coptic papyri.


Not applicable.

Reading list

  • J. van der Vliet, « Pisenthios de Coptos (569-632) : moine, évêque et saint. Autour d’une nouvelle édition de ses archives ». In Boussac, M.-F., ed. Autour de Coptos. TOPOI. Supplément 3. Lyon: TOPOI, 2002 : pp. 61-72.


  • Registration for this course via uSis.

  • Please contact the teacher if you are interested in following this course.

Contact information

Contact the lecturer Prof. dr. J. van der Vliet.


The details of the programme and the roster will be discussed during the first meeting. Please contact the lecturer as soon as possible.