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European Integration and Europeanization



This seminar introduces students to the issues of European integration and Europeanization. During the first part of the seminar (weeks 1-4) we will investigate some of the conceptual and theoretical issues involved in the study of European integration and Europeanization, including the definition of both terms, the distinctions between the two and overall relationships between the EU integration process and different aspect of domestic politics. The second part of the course will focus specifically on the impact of the EU integration and Europeanization process on the policy-making process in policy areas such as minority protection and integration, and on certain institutional features such as party development and electoral competition. Empirically, the seminar will cover issues from both old and new member states, but the focus will be on the newest (2004 and 2007) EU member states.

Method of Instruction

Seminar discussions.

Study material

1000 pp; titles TBA


Weekly Reaction Papers and a Final Paper.


Pieter de la Courtbuilding, Leiden:
Monday 31 January till 21 March, 15.00 – 17.00 hrs., in 5B04 and
Thursday 3 February till 24 March, 15.00-17.00 hrs., in SA05 (except 24 March 5B02).