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Themacursus VI: Highlights Dutch Architecture 1850-2000 dlt


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In 2010-11 and 2011-12 the architectural history section will offer a course, open to all students, on the highlights of Dutch architecture. In 2010-11 we will present the period 1850-2000, in 2011-12 the period from the earliest beginnings of Dutch architecture c. 1000 until 1850. All main architects and currents will be discussed and placed in a wider European context: Cuypers, Berlage, Rietveld, Oud, Van Eyck, and Koolhaas; the Gothic Revival, Amsterdam School, Modernism, and Post-Modernism; the Rijksmuseum, Berlage’s Stock Exchange, the Van Nelle factory, Oud’s Shell Headquarters in The Hague, and the new Dutch Embassy by Koolhaas in The Hague. We will also include architects of importance who do not fit into this canonical view, such as the eclectic designers Leliman and Ed. Cuypers, or post-WWII Traditionalism.

Literature: to be announced.

Practical information: the course consists of a series of lectures, to be held in the spring term, and counts for 5 ects. Students can combine this course, together with the one from 2009-10 or 2011-12, or with a literature programme, in a program (bijvak) of 10 or 20 ects.

Course objectives

  • The students should be able to identify the main styles and architects of Dutch architectural history and to place them in the wider context of European architectural development

  • The students should be able to make a visual analysis of façades, ground plans and iconographical aspects of the buildings presented during the course


Schedule 2010-2011

Teaching method

Choose from:

  • Lecture course

  • Excursion ( 1 day)

Test method

  • written exam with a few essayquestions


Blackboard is being used to put on schedules and programs, literature lists, examdates and for students to communicate.


To be announced


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Prof. dr C.A. van Eck