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Methodological Specialisation


Admission requirements

Free and compulsory for students enrolled in the RESMAAS program. Those from other MA programs may be admitted with prior registration (contact coordinator)


Students will be required to follow a course in the advanced methods and techniques which are appropriate to the pathway to which they have been admitted and the research which they intend to undertake. These courses will be offered by the research MAs in Literature, Art History in Comparative Perspective and History: Societies and Institutions of the Leiden Faculty of Arts, in the International Development Studies at Wageningen University and by the Research masters in Development and Planning of the University of Amsterdam.

Course objectives


First Semester: timetables

Mode of instruction

To be specified.

Assessment method

To be specified.


Information to be provided later.

Reading list

To be specified.


Contact information

Dr. Azeb Amha
Academic Coordinator
P O Box 9555, 2300 RB Leiden, NL
Tel. +31-71-527-3364



Details about the options for methodological courses will be provided in September.

Some options:

  • At the Research Scool CERES:
    Methods of field research
    Complex systems dynamics
    Social Analysis

  • University of Wageningen:
    socio-cultural field research methods
    PhD-quantitative methods
    Interaction between social and ecosystems

  • University of Groningen
    Theory International relations III (application of models and theories)

  • Leiden University
    Sources and Methods
    Problems and Methods of Islamic Studies
    Bronnenonderzoek: wetenschaps- en onderzoekjournalistiek
    Theory and Methods of research in photography

  • University of Utrecht
    History, role and impact of the Humanities
    Media and Ethnicity
    Feminist Toolbox: Feminist theories and methodologies
    Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML)
    GIS for ‘‘gamma’‘ students

  • University of Amsterdam (VU):
    Qualitative research methods

  • University of Amsterdam (UvA)
    Oral history