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Aspects of bilingualism applied to Latin America


Admission requirements


This course consists of tutorials. One or more articles are discussed every week. Students give presentations on themes they wish to study in depth. In these themes, the theoretical approaches discussed have been applied in practice in a bilingual situation in Latin America in which Spanish plays a role. Subjects chosen by students for their Master’s thesis receive extra attention.

Course objectives

Students use their specific knowledge of the bilingual situation of Latin America. Students are expected to be able to relate their own opinion concerning an academic argument in the theoretical field of bilingualism and be prepared to conduct research in the fields of language contact, language acquisition and bilingualism. Students are expected to be able to reason logically, read research reports and to have acquired insights into the set-up, processing and validity of research results. Students are also expected to be able to apply the methods of reasoning of the discipline and dispute these, as well as demonstrate their originality and creativity in their treatment of the discipline.



Method of Instruction


Assessment method

Paper and presentation.


Through this medium, information is made available concerning the course timetable the presentation schedule. See Blackboard

Reading list

To be announced. Articles are selected depending on the chosen subject.


Contact information

Dr. P. González, telephone: 071 5272054 or e-mail:
Dr. M.D. Branza, telephone: 071 527 2056 or e-mail:


Tutorials. Students give presentations on subjects relating to language contact, language acquisition and bilingualism in which Spanish plays a role.