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Culturas Híbridas en América Latina


Admission requirements

To be registered as a student of the Research Master Latin American Studies.

specialisation: Literature


This course studies the impact of globalization in Latin America and its various cultural manifestations. For instance how the relation with ‘el territorio’ disappears while the communication with others intensifies? A reconstruction of the meaning of ‘espacio’ and ‘lugar’ is taking place, in which certain elements are re-invented and others are excluded.

Course objectives

To make students acquainted with the basic concepts and latest theoretical viewpoints of Latin American cultural studies. To enhance – through the analysis of images, texts, music, architecture, fashion, and the like – the understanding of cultural identity as a hybrid construction built on memory and desire.


Collegerooster (master, 1st semester)

Mode of instruction

Lectures and working groups.

Assessment method

Active participation, oral classroom presentation and paper.


Blackboard will be used to post all the necessary information about the course (programme, time tables, announcements, etc.). Also announcements will be posted on interesting activities (such as Conferences, workshops, expositions, etc.), which are related to the themes analyzed during the course.

Reading list

  • Martín Barbero, J. De los medios a las mediaciones. Comunicación, cultura y hegemonía. Mexico City, Gustavo Gili, 1993.

  • García Canclini, N. Culturas híbridas: estrategias para entrar y salir de la modernidad. Mexico City, Grijalbo, 1989.

  • Ortiz, R. Mundialización y cultura. Buenos Aires/Madrid, Alianza Editorial.


Exchange and Study Abroad students, please see the Study in Leiden website for information on how to apply

Contact information

Prof.dr. L. Rodríguez phone: +31 (0)71 527 2065.