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Social Science Lab


Admission requirements

If you start with the Honours College Science & Society track in the second semester of your first academic year you are participating in this course.


The 'shared transferable skills’ predominantly covered in this course are shown in bold:

(Meta-)cognitive (Researching) Interpersonal (Collaborating) Intrapersonal (Reflecting)
Analysing Oral communication Independent learning
Generating solutions Written communication Resilience
Project-based working Presenting
Digital skills Societal awareness

Course objectives

The course Social Science Lab is designed to prepare you as an expert who is able to design in collaboration with (other) social scientists - with input from other academics, policymakers, and representatives of pressure groups - an effective, innovative, and feasible intervention for an urgent societal problem and to present it to stakeholders in the problem.

During the course you get acquainted with the main themes of the Honours Science & Society track: 1. Sustainability and Health 2. Adults and Children in a Polarising World 3. Human Aspects of Digitalisation and Robotisation

Furthermore, attention is given to community building and connecting to your fellow students within the Honours Science & Society track and with your coach.


You will be allocated to one of two groups. Classes are planned from the end of February till the end of May, 2023. The schedule will be announced.


We speak English during all meetings.


Registration is automatic when your participation in the Science & Society track is confirmed by email.


If you have any questions, please contact: Honours College FSW