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Book exam


Admission requirements

Admission to one of the specializations of the MSc Biology is required.

Contact information

Education Office Biology


NB: This course can be done only after consultation/consent of the study adviser.
As an optional theoretical course, students can do an oral examination, the Book Exam, about a specialized book on a particular subject of choice.
The Book Exam is an independent module, for which the student is expected to study (specific chapters of) a biological textbook or a book covering a specialist biological subject, supplemented with one or two recent reviews from a scientific journal. There are no lectures or other types of contact teaching. The grade is given solely based on the student’s performance in the examination.

Learning goals

After completion of the course, students are able to:   

  • give a clear and well-founded summary on the study of the literature and to explain the concepts and knowledge found therein.

  • analyze and evaluate scientific literature, as well as define the problems and approaches found therein.

  • contrast and synthesize the concepts and knowledge of the literature with other concepts and knowledge from other literature

  • provide constructive feedback to and formulate criticism on the literature and express this to others on an academic level.

  • participate in current debates on the subject(s) of the literature c.q. the theoretical foundations of the specialization

Mode of instruction

Self study & oral examination

The responsible examiner is available for questions about the selected subject.For questions about enrollment, approval, etc, contact the Study Advisor.

Assessment method

Individual, oral exam taken by an examiner of the Institute of Biology.
It may take 1 – 2 hours

Inspection and feedback on the examination

Date: n.a.


Registration via USIS

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