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Thesis International Children's Rights


Admission requirements

Master degree.


The programme is concluded by writing a thesis. The thesis will have to address and analyse an issue in International Children’s Rights Law and include both a comparative perspective (e.g. between children’s rights and/or other legal systems relevant for children) and a substantive perspective, which focuses on the (potential or actual) impact of international law on the legal position of children at the domestic level.

Course objectives

Following the successful completion of the taught courses of the programme, students are required to submit a thesis on a topic of their choice.

The thesis should:

  • show the student’s ability to conduct academically sound research on a topic or in an area of International Children’s Rights Law;

  • show the student’s ability to present the findings of this research in writing in a clear and structured way;

  • show the student’s ability to investigate and present relatively new and innovative findings; the thesis should not merely be descriptive.

Ideally, the thesis is of publishable quality.


The timetable is published on Brightspace.

Mode of instruction

Thesis workshop, bilateral meetings in the context of the individual supervision.

Examination method

Thesis: 100%

Submission procedures: Hardcopy (2 x) Electronically via e-mail and Brightspace (including plagiarism check)

A retake is possible after consulting the thesis supervisor, the thesis coordinator and the programme director.


All information is distributed through Brightspace.
Submission of thesis via Brightspace.


Coordinator of the course:
Dr. Katrien Klep
Telephone number: 0031-71-527 1325
Email address:

Programme Officer:
Ms. Esther Uiterweerd
Telephone number: 0031-71 527 4644
Email address:

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