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LOT Summer School/Winter School


LOT Winter School and other options

Participation in a research school is mandatory to all research master (RM) students. To complete your research master’s, you have to obtain 10 EC of courses at a research school. LOT is the Netherlands National Graduate School of Linguistics. The LOT courses are best suited to the reserach master's programme in Linguistics.

What courses can I attend?

If students choose LOT to obtain the 10 EC of research school credits, students are required to:

Optional: Leiden Summer School of Languages and Linguistics
RM students are allowed to gain 5 of the 10 LOT credits by participating in the Leiden Summer School in Languages and Linguistics. Students can therefore either take 10 EC of LOT courses or 5 EC of LOT courses and 5 EC of courses in the Leiden Summer School of Languages and Linguistics. The Leiden Summer School can only be a substitute for the LOT Summer School. The RM1 courses in the LOT Winter School remain obligatory. Visit LOT website for more information.

How do I have register for the LOT courses?

You have to register for the courses via the website of LOT. You will be notified by the coordinator of studies when registration for the winter- or summerschool opens.

What are the requirements for the paper?

Students need to negotiate the exact requirements of the paper with the LOT instructor. Note that you have to ask a lecturer of Leiden University to grade the paper.

*How can I arrange participation in a LOT Lab Rotation? *

Look for the lab you are interested in. Inform the Coordinator of Studies and Chair of the programme and contact the coordinator of the lab or research group to set up a plan.

How do I obtain the actual 10 EC?

Around 8 weeks after the end of the Winter- or Summer school, students who have passed their course will automatically receive the LOT certificate from the LOT office. Please collect the certificates and send them to the Board of Examiners once you met all the requirements. The ECs will then be registered in usis.