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Study in Korea A


1st part of study in Korea, spring semester 2022-2023. More information on visa requirements, placements, course selection, as well as assessment and grading, will be provideda in a special introductory meeting in September 2022

Students will spend a year in South Korea at one of Leiden’s partner universities. The precise destination of each student will be determined early in the first semester, taking into consideration his/her research interests and the profile of each university. At present, Leiden’s partner universities in South Korea include: Yonsei University, Seoul National University, Korea University, HUFS and SKKU.

It is the responsibility of the student to maintain contact with his/her Leiden supervisor throughout their stay in Korea. Furthermore, all students are required to earn 30 ECTS in Korea by following Korean language courses OR content courses conducted in the Korean language. This translates into approximately 12 credits in the Korean system of grade registration. Students should consult which courses they intend to follow during their stay in Korea with their supervisor and the Examinations Committee before they leave for Korea.