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Africa in Practice


Admission Requirements

This course is a compulsory element of the MA African Studies and only open to students that have been admitted in this programme.


In the course Africa in Practice the student will apply acquired scientific knowledge and skills by arranging and defining a research internship position of 10 weeks at an African based organization and by writing a research proposal for his/her thesis project which builds upon the research internship. The course has two interrelated components:

  • A component that guides the student through the organization of a 10 weeks research internship in Africa and the writing of a plan for this research internship for Career Service.

  • A component that guides the student through the various building blocks and writing of a research proposal which is closely related to the research internship and forms the basis for writing the master thesis.
    Both the research internship plan and the research proposal are developed in close collaboration with the academic supervisor for the master thesis at Leiden University.

Course objectives

The course Africa in Practice has the following objectives:
Applying knowledge and understanding
After the course the student has
a. the ability to translate acquired knowledge of relevant issues in African Studies in a research intership position and an academic research proposal which forms the base for the master thesis.
b. the ability to develop and write a coherent and feasible research internship plan and research proposal

Ability to formulate judgements
After the course the student has
a. the ability to formulate judgements, based on a key question or problem which is central in the research internship and research proposal, even when the student has insufficient or limited information due to lacunae in the data available;
b. can take into account social and cultural, academic and ethical aspects relevant to the research internship and the research proposal, and the formulation of judgements;
c. can reflect on moral issues relevant to the research internship and research proposal

After the course the student has:
a. acquired skills to clearly present her/his research internship plan and research proposal in an academic setting and communicate her/his research internship plan to a non-academic audience.


The timetables are available through My Timetable.

Mode of instruction

  • Lecture

  • Workshop

  • Tutorial

Assessment method


Throughout the course the student will compile an individual portfolio that contains the following items:

  • Research Internship plan

  • Research proposal

  • Oral presentation research internship

  • Intermediate assignments
    After you have completed the portfolio you will receive an overall grade for the portfolio, which is a weighted average of the grades for the various components of the portfolio (except for the internship plan, see below) combined with additional requirements.


The student receives one grade for the portfolio which is a weighted average of the grades for the various components of the portfolio combined with additional requirements. The weighing of the grades for the components in the overall score is as follows:

  • PASS for approved Research Internship Plan by Board of Examiners (35%)

  • Numerical grade for Research Proposal (45%)

  • Numerical grade for oral presentation (10%)

  • PASSES for submitted intermediate assignments (10%)
    The additional requirements for receiving the final grade are as follows:

  • The lectures in the course have been attended (attendance will be registered)

  • The grades for the research proposal and the oral presentation need to be sufficient, that is, a 6.0 or above


Resits are possible for all components of the portfolio. A resit is not possible if a numerical grade for a component is 6.0 or above. The deadline for resits for the research internship plan, research proposal, and oral presentation is 20 December 2020.

Inspection and feedback

A student can request a review for inspection and feedback within 30 days after publication of the grade for a component and the overall score.

Reading list

The readings for this course will be indicated in the syllabus which will be published on Brightspace at a minimum of two weeks before the course starts.


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